2017 Super Cub Fly In on the farm

We had a wonderful time hosting folks from the 2017 New Holstein Super Cub Fly In this past weekend! Thank you to all the Supercub.org pilots, their families and friends, and to our community members for visiting our farm! It was an honor to host you all. Our 97-year-old grandmother, Margret, the farm matriarch, especially enjoyed watching the planes land in our pastures. Maybe by next year’s fly in Robert Klessig will have made those bumper stickers that say, “Real pilots have cow manure on their wheels”!

Get Your 2017 Barn Dance Tickets Now!

Photo courtesy of Mary Francis

2017 Barn Dance

Saturday, September 16, 2017

4:30-10:30 p.m.

Saxon Homestead Farm, Cleveland, WI

You will enjoy a delicious, locally sourced dinner and dessert, all the beer and wine you can drink, a presentation by Jim VandenBrook on the Food, Land & Water Project, AND a night of dancing to the music of Copper Box!

Proceeds from the event benefit the Partnering for Progress non-profit organizations: Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership, Gathering Waters, and the Wisconsin School for Beginning Dairy and Livestock Farmers; working together to conserve farmland and natural resources, support farmers, and sustain vibrant communities to improve rural and urban life in Wisconsin.


Early Bird Pricing (before August 30):  $50 per ticket, $80 for a pair, $20 for students

Late Bird Pricing (after August 31):  $60 per ticket, $90 for a pair, $20 for students 


Evening Schedule:
4:30-5:30 p.m.  Dinner registration
5:30-7:30 p.m.  Harvest Buffet & Chautauqua
7:30-10:30 p.m.  Barn Dance & Community Celebration


Questions? Contact Jenn Hansmann of Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership at (920) 627-1799 or jenn@lnrp.org


A special thank you to the event sponsors!

2016 Barn Dance Success

The 2016 Barn Dance at Saxon Homestead Farm was a tremendous success. From all of us at the farm, THANK YOU to everyone who attended!

Photo courtesy of Otto Wiegand
Photo courtesy of Otto Wiegand

Here are some well-deserved shout outs we’d like to make:

Mark your calendars for the 2017 Barn Dance, folks!

2017 Barn Dance: September 16, 2017

Meet Saxon Creamery’s Grand Champion

We at Saxon Homestead Farm are excited to announce that Saxon Creamery’s Snowfields- Aged Butterkase cheese was awarded the top honor of Cheese & Butter Grand Champion at the 2016 World Dairy Expo Championship Dairy Product Contest. This year’s contest received an unprecedented 1,130 entries of a vast array of dairy products from around North America, including cheese, butter, yogurt, cottage cheese and ice cream, to name a few.


Judging for the World Dairy Expo Championship Dairy Product Contest took place August 23-25, 2016 in Madison, WI. Saxon Creamery received the following awards:

  • Cheese & Butter Grand Champion: Snowfields- Aged Butterkase
  • First place in the “Open Class Semi-Soft Cheese” class: Snowfields- Aged Butterkase
  • First place in the “Smoked Flavored Natural Cheeses” class: Big Eds- Smokehaus Gouda

Last month, Saxon Creamery also took home ribbons for its artisan cheeses at the American Cheese Society (ACS) contest on July 29, 2016. This year’s contest was one of the largest in ACS history with 109 categories of cheese, 260 cheese companies competing and 1843 entries submitted.

Saxon Creamery’s first-place winners at the ACS contest included Saxony Alpine Gruyere (Class DC) and Asiago Fresca (Class HD). The Snowfields Butterkase with chilies and mushrooms (Class KC), a limited quantity and pre-order item, received a second-place ribbon. Finally, the third-place winners were Snowfields Butterkase (Class DC) and Saxony Alpine Gruyere, young (Class DC).

The class “DC: Open Category- American Made/ International Style- made from cows milk” was one of the largest classes. Saxon Creamery had six entries in this class and earned three awards: one first-place award and two third-place awards.

Photo courtesy of Mary Francis.
Photo courtesy of Mary Francis.

Saxon Creamery cheeses are made from milk produced from one herd of cows on our farm. Our family and our employees are dedicated to producing exceptionally high-quality milk. We are proud to say our Holstein-Jersey cross-bred cows are pasture grazed and are not treated with bovine growth hormone (rBST.) The pasture production system adds unique flavor characteristics to our milk and, consequently, to Saxon Creamery cheeses.

Saxon Creamery, which opened in 2007, hand crafts artisan cheeses one wheel at a time. Saxon Creamery strives to create high-quality, great tasting cheese and is Safe Quality Food certified. The creamery’s licensed cheesemakers have more than 25 years of combined experience. Furthermore, its team members age Saxon Creamery cheeses to perfection and take pride in packaging and shipping the cheese to ensure their customers receive the very best. Moreover, Saxon Creamery has a dedicated support and sales team that strives to service and understand each customer’s needs.

With pride and gratitude to all the people that love Saxon Creamery cheese, we encourage readers to continue indulging in the family of award-winning cheeses and to feel good about doing so! Remember, it all starts in the pasture.

At Saxon Homestead Farm we are “passionate about pasture”

Photo courtesy of Mary Francis
Photo courtesy of Mary Francis.


This Herald Times Reporter article paints a vivid picture of Saxon Homestead Farm for readers interested in learning more about our operation. It describes our rotational grazing system and why we have implemented it, discusses seasonal calving and what this means for our farm, and explains why we feel our pasture-based milk is so special. Read the article to discover just how  “passionate about pasture” we are at Saxon Homestead Farm!