Pricing Information

Thank you for inquiring about Grass-fed Finished beef from our farm. Our steers are butchered when they are about two years old. We butcher in summer and fall so that their only source of feed is a salad bar mixture of pasture grasses and legumes. No grain is fed to our beef animals once they reach their first birthday. We do not use growth hormones and do not feed any weight-gain antibiotics. We take great pride in raising high-quality Grass-fed Finished natural beef, and we hope you enjoy it. You can download the following information here.

Beef Meat Quantities:

Live Weight This is the weight of an animal while it is “on the hoof” or living.
Hanging Weight This is the weight of an animal as it hangs on the rail at the meat locker after hide, head and hooves, etc. have been removed. Depending on the breed and animal, hanging weight is commonly around 60% of live weight for beef.
Cut Weight Also called “Take-Home” or “Finished” weight, this is the weight of the actual meat that you will receive after excess fat and bone are removed. Depending on the breed and animal, cut weight is commonly around 60% of hanging weight for beef.


Our steers weigh between 1000 and 1200 lbs. live weight. One half of a beef steer is just that: a half of a beef steer consisting of a front quarter and a hind quarter. One quarter of a steer is called a ‘split half.’ Each ‘split half’ contains equal cuts of beef from the front quarter and the hind quarter. The ‘hanging weight’ of a half beef weighs about 300 lbs. You will receive about 180 lbs. of take-home or finished beef (90 lbs. of cuts and 90 lbs. of burger) from a hanging half of beef. A split half contains about 150 lbs. of hanging weight, and one will receive about 90 lbs. of take-home or finished beef (45 lbs. of cuts and 45 lbs. of burger).

Grass-fed Finished Beef Cost (approximate):

  • Whole steer = $2.90/lb. hanging wt.
  • By the half = $3.00/lb. hanging wt.
  • By the split half = $3.10/lb. hanging wt.
  • The cost for butchering, cutting, wrapping and freezing is about $.60/lb. hanging wt.
  • Therefore, a split half will cost approximately $555.00 (150 * $3.10/lb. + 150 * $0.60/lb.) and a half will cost about $1080.00 (300.00 * $3.00/lb. + 300.00 * $0..60/lb.).

Take-Home or Finished Weight and Cost (approximate):

  • By the half = 180 lbs. at $6.00/lb. or $1080.00 total.
  • By the split half = 90 lbs. at $6.17/lb. or $555.00 total.
  • Contact Karean VanEss at Newton Meats, Newton, WI (920-726-4455) to determine your cuts.

Approximate Take-Home Cuts in a Half Beef

(300-350 lbs. Hanging Weight)

8-10 T-Bones – 3/4” – 2/pack 2 Rump Roasts
5-7 Porterhouse 10 Rib Steaks or 8 Rib Eyes – ¾” – 2/pack
6 Sirloin Steaks – ¾” – 2/pack 7 Chuck Roasts – 3 lb. each
6 Tend. Round Steaks – ½” – 1/pack (2-3 lb.) 2 Arm Roasts – 3 lb. each
2 Sirloin Roasts 90 lb. Lean Ground Beef

½ patties – 4 burgers/pack

½ bulk – 1 lb. bulk packs

2 Round Roasts Assortment of Stew meat, short ribs included

Payment and Pick Up:

Please pick up your beef and pay Newton Meats for the processing cost at that time. We will let you know the “hanging weight” and cost of your order a day or two after it goes to the butcher.  Please pay Saxon Homestead Farm for the beef and call to make payment arrangements before pick-up.