Saxon Homestead Farm is a fifth-generation family partnership owned and operated by Robert Klessig and Kathleen Block-Klessig, Karl and Liz Klessig, our families, and our hardworking employees. We take great pride in raising high-quality, grass-fed finished beef steers. 
As we become increasingly conscious consumers, we want to know where our food comes from and how it is produced.  At Saxon Homestead Farm, we believe in environmental sustainability and humane treatment of livestock.

Vibrant pastures, healthy soil, and clean water are the foundation of our farm.

Karl & Robert Klessig
Rotational grazing and regenerative agriculture form the cornerstone of our farm, where we have reduced our reliance on fossil fuels, energy, and chemicals, drastically lowering our carbon footprint. Our dairy cows are not treated with the bovine growth hormone rBST. Both our dairy and beef cattle graze on a salad bar mixture of pasture grasses and legumes. We maintain the best home-grown pasture for our herd, the way nature intended. 

This is what makes our grass-fed finished beef so rich and flavorful, and what sets it apart from the rest.