Report Evaluates Top Restaurants on Antibiotic Use in Meat Supply

The report Chain Reaction evaluates top U.S. restaurants in terms of their policies and approaches on antibiotic use in their meat supply. It was sponsored by six organizations including Friends of the Earth and the Natural Resources Defense Council. The report favorably recognizes both grass fed and organic production systems. What is particularly interesting is that consumers are drawn to better meat options that rely less on conventional use of grain, hormones, and antibiotics and more on organic and grass fed. At Saxon Homestead Farm, we are in line with these consumers. We “finish” our steers in summer and fall on a salad bar mixture of pasture grasses and legumes. No grain is fed to our steers once they reach their first birthday. We do not use growth hormones and do not feed any weight-gain antibiotics.

Consumer Reports Article on Safety of Ground Beef

This article from the October 2015 issue of Consumer Reports magazine offers a cautionary note about the conventional beef production and processing system in the United States. At Saxon Homestead Farm we are proud of our beef production system. We believe in environmental sustainability and humane treatment of livestock and take great pride in raising high-quality Grass-fed Finished beef. Visit our About Our Beef page to learn more.

Super Cub Airplane Fly-in to the Farm

An aerial view of Saxon Homestead Farm from a Super Cub airplane.

An aerial view of Saxon Homestead Farm from a Super Cub plane.

Read about when 37 airplanes and 500 cows shared our pastures during the 2nd Annual Super Cub Fly-in to Saxon Homestead Farm. This event has taken place on our farm for two years in a row. We enjoy having the Super Cub airplanes land in our field and hosting the pilots and their families for lunch in our historic barn.